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The Fair Labour Alliance (FLA) is an exclusive group of pioneering organisations dedicated to innovative and
sustainable workforce solutions. It brings together business leaders, governments and respected international
organisations to help companies take their next steps in developing more efficient and ethical labour supply chains.


James is the Founder of the FLA. He is an experienced international lawyer and has been a leading fair labour advocate since 2006. He has advised several government departments, major NGOs and transnational companies on labour supply chain challenges. He has published peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters on fair labour issues and is a regular conference speaker. He and Alison designed the current FLA program in conjunction with DFID and he is leading on its delivery in 2019.

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Alison has worked in the fair labour space for the last 3 years as Director of Public Affairs and Social Impact at FSI Worldwide. She is an experienced and well-regarded development project manager, who has worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Nepal, ran the grant program for the Bulldog Trust and the Fore Trust in London and before this started her career in business.

She graduated with a degree in Education, followed by a Master of Arts in Education and International Development from UCL-Institute of Education. Alison was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal has extensive, in-depth knowledge of the country and speaks Nepali as
her first language.

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As VHR’s Divisional Director of Middle East Recruitment, Adrian leads technical recruitment projects across the UAE, Middle East, the GCC/MENA regions and surrounding areas. Adrian specialises in multi-country Aerospace and Defence staffing projects and has over 20 years’ global recruitment experience. 

VHR is a global technical recruitment consultancy working across 45 countries. Fair labour and ethical recruitment are at the heart of VHR.

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