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Al Jassra Security Services - First Qatari company to become a member of the Fair Labour Alliance

The Fair Labour Alliance (FLA) and Al Jassra Security Services (AJSS) have entered into a partnership to develop practical and effective measures to drive the market towards a fair labour model in the State of Qatar. The FLA team met with the senior management team of the AJSS recently in Doha to coordinate an action plan aimed at integrating fair labour practices into their policies and procedures. Al Jassra Security Services is the first Qatari company to become a member of the FLA.

The FLA has been instrumental in facilitating a cooperation agreement between another of its member companies, FSI, and AJSS, which will see several hundred personnel ethically recruited for security projects in Qatar. The FLA team is working with AJSS to incorporate the FLA code of conduct into its internal processes and procedures and ensure that vulnerable workers are protected from exploitation. The company has stated its intention to become a fair labour pioneer in Qatar and remains firmly committed to ensuring ethical labour practices throughout its supply chains.

Alan Carmichael, Chief Operations Officer of AJSS added, ‘We are so proud to be part of this FLA journey putting it to great use for the common and greater good of the workers in the State of Qatar. Al Jassra Security Services, along with the rest of the companies of the Group, look forward to building a strong partnership that takes the ethical labour practices right to the heart of Qatar.'

James Sinclair, Founder of the FLA responded by welcoming AJSS to the FLA and praising the commitment of the senior management team at AJSS for their actions in implementing fair labour principles internally and for their advocacy of the fair labour agenda more broadly in Qatar.

Several Qatari companies have expressed an interest in transitioning from a ‘business as usual’ model to a ‘fair labour model’ over the coming months. With the backing of the International Labour Organisation, the Ministry of Labour and other arms of government, they are ready to become part of a positive legacy for Qatar as it prepares to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament.

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