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Anisha Rajapakse joins the FLA

The Fair Labour Alliance (FLA) is delighted to welcome Anisha Rajapakse as our new Director of Stakeholder Engagement.

Anisha has 20 years of high-level experience working at the intersection of human rights, business and international development, where she is a widely respected and influential figure.

Anisha will be leading our stakeholder engagement program, which includes working with our members to identify and implement practical improvements to labour supply chains.

The FLA is a vibrant, aspirational member-led community of fair labour pioneers.

Many of our members are sector leaders in fair labour adoption, but recognise the need to continue innovating and collaborating. They appreciate the major changes that have occurred in the legislative environment and in consumer awareness of illegal and unethical labour practices. They know that labour rights compliance is a key part of a healthy and sustainable corporate culture.

We are excited about helping our members on their journey towards more ethical and efficient business practices. Anisha will be a key part of the FLA team helping to deliver this.

Find out more about the FLA's mission.

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